Yoga for Diabetes (Agnyaashayam)

Arpitha Arpitha · August 4, 2020



“Agnyaashayam” literally translates to Pancreas.
With the modern sedentary Lifestyle, Diabetes has started to manifest earlier. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people in Asia are Diabetic.
Thankfully, Diabetes can be reversed, if it has manifested because of reversible components such as lifestyle.
Everything about yoga revolves around bringing the body back to its normal state. It is said that good health is the most ormal thing for a body to be in , provided we maintain it that way. Stress, unhealthy habits are something that will get this state out of track and result in conditions that are basically a “communication” that you need to care for it.
Yoga has an answer to this and it no longer be something that you worry about constantly.

Agnyaashayam focuses on Practices that are mainly twisting, flexions and asanas that reduce insulin resistance.


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Avatar Lawrence Chettur
Posted 2 years ago
Highly recommended yoga therapist

I reached out to Arpitha Kadubi to practice yoga. She is a passionate yoga therapist, very warm and welcoming. She offered me a course to loose weight and increase flexibility. The course is well structured and much of a thought and effort had been put to instruct the students. After practicing for over 33 days now I see a great difference in my weight and it encourages me to continue further.

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