Yoga for Back Strengthening (Meru Dhanda)

Arpitha Arpitha · July 22, 2020



“Merudhanda” is a sanskrit word for spine. As we all know, spine was the biggest development in the evolutionary process for all vertebrates. But are we keeping it healthy and strong? Off late back pain has been the commonest complaints among almost every adult. Sure, we can blame the long commuting hours, long office hours, and stress, but we also have a responsibility to keep it healthy.

Here in the Merudhanda program we are focusing mainly on all the asanas that help strengthen the back muscles. We also focus on breathing exercises that increases the focus on your breath and thereby reducing stress levels.



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Avatar Gail Lobo
Posted 2 years ago
Great exercise routine to strengthen the back and core

Positive outcomes in 2 months: - Usage of my tailbone cushion has reduced significantly. - Arpitha monitored and corrected my back strengthening yoga postures. - Her approach and follow-ups on my progress are commendable. Although every physiotherapist who treated me in the past did a good job in their capacity, the pain would recur eventually. With Kadubi Yoga, the improvement is here to stay!

Avatar Vanajakshi KB
Posted 2 years ago
Effective in weight loss for those who are suffering from Thyroid and PCOS

Arpitha ma'am is truly a magician. She understands each individual's body type and explains which yoga practice can help us based on our difficulties and issues. I have Thyroid and PCOS and we are planning for conceiving, so joined Kadubi yoga,which was suggested by her and I lost almost 3 KGs in a month, which is a miracle for me now. She is very supportive.Thank you soo much and all the best.

Avatar Aishwarya Janakiraman
Posted 2 years ago
Very Effective for Back pain

I would sincerely suggest evry one to take up this yoga session. The reason being stressing on this is I completely got rid of my back pain which I was suffering for 6 yrs . However I also feel very much energetic through out the day. I am now happily taking my weight loss sessions and eager to see more results . Wishing all to have a healthy yoga session here.

Avatar Shasi
Posted 2 years ago
Helped me relieve my back pain

I started the course with tremendous back pain and now after 2 months of yoga my back pain has reduced to a significant extent

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