Yoga for Women’s health (Naari)

Arpitha Arpitha · July 24, 2020





“Naari” in Sanskrit means a Woman. Women of today have a lot of roles to play in day to day life and the pressure is unbelievable. That being said, many women related conditions are on the rise too, PCOD being one of them.
So how can Yoga help manage PCOD?

Here in the Naari course, we have a solution that will help manage the various symptoms of PCOD.

The course starts with 2 months of extensive Back strengthening which will help in building a foundation for the exercises that are meant for PCOD.

Post 2 months of extensive back strengthening, the focus is gradually shifted towards asanas that increase blood flow to the lower extremities and therefore the uterus.

After 4 months, the course gradually transcends to other asanas that well help with overall well being.

This is a dynamic program suited for Pelvic floor strengthening, Infertility, Incontinence, Menstrual issues and also helps in weight loss.

The program includes
1) 4 months of lessons that transitions from :
Back strength—>PCOD related exercises—>Weight management—>General fitness


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Course Includes

  • 111 Lessons

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Avatar Pavithra Anoop
Posted 1 year ago
Helped increase flexibility, breath and body Balance

My gynaec doc advised me to take up yoga to avoid unnecessary stress. Moola Bandha course helped me reduce stress, improve my concentration, breathing n many more. Stretches were not easy for me initially as my body was not flexible at all. But practice made me improve my body balance. The program was easily accessible and the recordings were really good as we could understand each Asana clearly

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