Yoga for Core Strength & Weight Loss (Svasthya)

Arpitha · July 31, 2020


“Svasthya” in Sanskrit means good health.

According to the W.H.O, being healthy means you fulfil 3 factors. They are, Physical, mental and social factors. However they later realised that men aren’t healthy even though they fulfil all the three aspects of good health. There was one missing link. This link was found in Yogic texts. According to the yogic sciences, “svasthya” includes 4 factors. They are Physical, mental, social and SPIRITUAL aspects.

Off late Svasthya has become a luxury to attain. Everyone thinks that a little bit of stress is normal. Taking good health for granted when we are young and healthy has become “normal”.

Its only later in life when we cant sit and work for hours like we used to we realise what an amazing power we had, and best of all, it had come to us for free!! Now, we have to spend hours and thousands to get the thing that came to us for free.

Here is introducing a dynamic course that will help you take the power back in your hands!

Suitable for weight loss, Core strengthening and general health. Please enrol for this course if you have done any form of exercise in the past.


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Arpitha is an eminent Yoga therapist vouched by a lot of clients. She specialises in traditional yoga and women's health.

She started her yoga practice when she was just 10 years of age and developed keen interest in it at the very beginning. She trained with many gurus to get an in depth knowledge and improve her skills. She went on to win many state, national and international level competitions in Yogasana and artistic yoga.

She started her training career in 2013 in a high school and since then there has been no looking back. She has trained practitioners in many corporates like zee kannada, conduent business solutions, navarathna jewellers etc.

In 2018 things changed for her as she started training Doctors at Narayana Health as a start and then went on to provide yoga therapy to patients ts at NH.

She has provided Therapeutic services to over 1200 patients and the count goes on.

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  • 50 Lessons

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